Social Wallet

Your gateway to access Financial Services together with your Friends. Signup for Beta Access below, share with friends to move up the list!

Invest with Friends

Use Earn and More

Mirian Peer Wallets let you:


Invite Friends & more

Anyone from your contacts can join a Peer Wallet!


Watch your investment performance together! Integrates with Telegram and Slack for you to comment and figure your strategy.


Cash out in the CryptoAsset of your choice directly into your own wallet. Gain Bitcoin, Ether, and more!

Mirian BioSafe

Private Key Convenience

Goodbye Paper Wallets, Hello easy-to-use Key Storage:

BioSafe is Mirian’s native Key Management solution. It is a convenient process that lets you encrypt your Private Keys or Seed words on your device, then save a Cryptographic representation of it on decentralized storage. You can access it from any device and you are the only one who can unlock it.

Ideal for wallets that store up to $250,000 worth of CryptoAssets

  • Non-custodial: We don’t hold your keys or your coins
  • Decentralized Storage: Available on IPFS
  • Keys never touch the internet: Encrypted by Your device for You only


Coming Soon

Financial Smart Contracts

Legally Binding Financial Smart Contracts

– Purchase tokenized products from established Financial Services Providers:
Buy Stocks, Take out Loans, and more!

– No banks, no borders when investing with Mirian! All of your investments in one decentralized portal, accessible globally with a wallet you control.

– Keep the best of both worlds: Financial Products from regulated, established service providers. Technology benefits of Blockchain; automated contract execution and decentralized computation.

Runs on Mirian:
cheaper and faster computation

Settles on Ethereum:
better security and decentralization

Social Wallet

Peer-to-Peer, Social Finance at your fingertips

Access decentralized financial services using protocols like Dharma and Kyber

Tokenized investments for you and your friends, your money under your control

Monitor performance of many investments from different brokers in one wallet

  • Send, Receive, Store.
    Just like a regular wallet, but easier and more secure. Supports most CryptoAssets.

  • Borrow, Lend, Swap.
    Borrow money, Lend your own and earn interest, or swap your CryptoAssets.

  • Invest with Mirian.
    Easily pay for investments and all your financial needs using your Mirian Social Wallet.

Our Mission

Provide easy access to
Social Finance

Mirian aims to allow for anyone with a computer or smartphone to have full access to a globalized network of financial services. Geography or accessibility should no longer be a barrier with P2P Finance available at your fingertips.

Advance Decentralization &
Financial Independence

Mirian has been an advocate of keeping your own coins. We let users stay in control of their CryptoAssets with BioSafe and will continue to build products that promote Individual Financial Sovereignty over Institutions. Don’t keep your precious coins in centralized entities prone to hacks like exchanges or custodians!

Mirian Team

Murat Akdeniz
Founder, Blockchain & Product Lead
Financial Technologist
Cornell Tech MBA

Alp Güneysel
Senior Engineer
Full Stack
Deep Learning
Design & UI

Murad Hasan
Solidity Engineer
Web & Mobile Developer


Brian Xun Wu
Chief Security Officer
Software Architect, Cryptographer,
Cybersecurity Expert
Full Stack Engineer

Ariah Klages-Mundt
Network Scientist
Applied Math PhD Candidate
Cornell University

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